The moment the light turned on

But it wasn’t a light bulb. It was continuous, full panel illumination. No hot spots. No glare. No stark shadows. But let’s back up a bit. Here’s the story.

As a hair stylist, Terri was no stranger to professional beauty tools. But the one thing she could never find was a perfectly lit makeup mirror that lived up to her standards (and she has very high standards).

Enter Joe. He was an expert on lighting. In fact, he was a flashlight designer, steeped in the science, who happened to have exactly the light Terri had been looking for.

So Terri started to borrow Joe’s lights, using them at her makeup mirror every day – until one day it dawned on them: a perfectly lit mirror is a beauty game changer, one that everyone needs.

And with that, they got to work on a permanent solution, and a special kind of lighted mirror – and Headzone was born!

We hope you like GO and will treasure it as one of your most important beauty tools.